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Puppet Odyssey Productions

We offer workshops and trainings for a variety of needs and settings.  We are always happy to customize our workshops to suit your needs.

  • Coaching - We can work with your cast in a workshop tailored to the specific needs of your production.  Whether your puppeteers are seasoned performers or first-timers, we can help you build a cohesive and dynamic puppet performance in your school, university, camp, or professional production.

  • Movement and Ensemble Training - We can provide a foundational workshop in movement for the puppet theater, helping your group improve overall movement skills and teamwork.

  • In the Classroom - We can conduct a workshop in which your students—elementary, college-level, or any level in between—have the opportunity to create group or individual projects that build storytelling, communication, and critical thinking skills through the performing arts.  We can shape the workshop to support and build on your curriculum.

  • Corporate Team Building - We can offer movement or puppetry workshop sessions focused on camaraderie, teamwork, and group bonding, perfectly suited to corporate team building.

  • Residencies - We are also available for longer residencies or classes in educational or theatrical settings.

  • Consulting - We are available for consultations in design, fabrication, movement, performance, and direction.

We also offer puppet design and construction services at every scale.  We can create whatever you can imagine.  If you want to integrate puppetry into your work, we can help make it happen.

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